Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching up....with some very good news!

Well, once again, time got away with me.  I know that isn't an excuse but hey, life happens right?  So I hope those of you who read my blog will forgive me for being a bad blogger yet again.  I do have good news to share though.  Part of my blogging decline was because of this reason.  I just knew that I could not keep up blogging without spilling the beans!

After 5 years 5 months and our one Angel baby, I am happy to announce that WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!  Here is the big surprise though.  As of tomorrow I will be 21 weeks along.  Please don't send a lynch mob out after me for not sharing this sooner.  I was going to announce at 13 weeks, but that week I had to go out of town and then when I got back to where I could blog and share my news, my friend's son, Caleb, passed away.  It just didn't seem like the right time to share then so I was going to wait a couple weeks but that turned into 6....so here we are at 21 weeks and counting.

To catch everyone up I have been kinda "blogging" in private to keep up with everything.  My plan is over the next couple of days to post these blogs so that everyone can see how things have been progressing with my pregnancy.  I even have wonderful pictures to share! 

So far I feel great!  My due date is October 12, 2011.  I am seeing a high risk doc because of my age....I was told at my first appointment that they no longer use the term "Geriatric", they instead use the term, "Advance Maternal Age".  Well, either way, it means your OLD to be having a child! I might be old in the medical world for this, but I welcome everything I am experiencing!  We find out on June 2nd what we are having...that is if the baby will cooperate.  It is hard to believe that in a little over 4 months I will be a mommy!  It is a long awaited dream come true!

Anyway, stop by tomorrow and I will share our "Pregnancy" story!  Trusting in God's will has gotten us this far and man, did he really answer a prayer!!!