Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pregnancy Journey up to Week 20 Part 1

January 31, 2011: Conceived naturally after miscarriage in Dec. 2010 and 5 1/2 years of treatment with an RE.

February 1, 2011: confirmed with BETA 72.52. Started Progesterone supplements. POAS once again, just to make sure :-)

February 2, 2011: POAS a final time just because I couldn't believe it was real! The lines just kept getting darker!

February 3, 2011: 2nd BETA 163.57

February 7, 2011: 3rd  BETA 1100

February 11, 2011: 4th BETA 3855

February 15, 2011: 5th BETA 12,068. Had first ultrasound and got to see our little butterfly but it was too early to be able to measure to find out how far along I was.  Was actually 5w6d at this point.

February 23, 2011: 6th BETA 41,217. First OB appointment. Everything went great. Will be referred to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, FL to the High Risk Dr. Had another ultrasound. Finally able to measure baby.....7 weeks! Heart rate was 145bpm Official due date October 12, 2011

March 30, 2011: 12 weeks exactly. 2nd OB appointment. Baby measured in at 12 weeks 3 days. Heart rate was 171bpm. Baby was very active during the ultrasound. While showing us the top of the baby's head it kept moving side to side. When I asked if that was the baby moving the midwife said it was cause he had the ultrasound wand still. We got to see all the important stuff....the spine, the brain, the arms and hands and even a little foot!

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The Hudack Family said...

Congratulations that is so amazing. I ended up pregnant during our month off with the RE due to a miscarriage also. We were so shocked and at times I still can't believe I'm finally pregnant. Best of luck for a heathy rest of your pregnany!