Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Rollercoaster again

It has been over a year since my last post and much has happened.  I am going to be making an effort to post more frequently, mostly because I need an outlet for this crazy thing I call my life, but also so I can update anyone who used to follow me or begins to follow my story now.

Last March, I went to work out of town so we took a long break from our TTCing.  I worked down in Orange Beach, Alabama for my old boss, teaching preschool.  Most days I spent my lunch break sitting at the beach in my car reading a book, or just listening to the music of the waves, people and seagulls.  Growing up on the Gulf, the beach is were I find my peace and serenity.  I stayed with my dad while I was down there.  It was nice getting to spend time with my dad but I really missed being home.  In reality I missed 7 months of married life because of this, but we needed the money.  My last week of work was Labor Day week.  We went out of town for the weekend and on Tuesday I headed back down to the coast for my last 4 days of work.  On the way down some kids pulled out in front of me and I t-boned them.  I was going 50mph when this happened so needless to say, my car was totalled and so was the kids.  He ended up with a broken hip and I ended up with major neck and shoulder issues.  We were due to start back with our fertility treatments in October so that got put on the back burner.  Since September I have been battling pain in my neck, shoulder, chest, upper back and left arm.  I have other issues but no one seems to be able to tell me if they are a direct result of the wreck....but until the then I never had trouble.  I won't go into too much detail about that because that might be TMI!

So here we are in April already.  We are in the middle of a cycle right now.  I am CD 21 and have been having pain in my lower right ovary area.  I did have the remnants of a cyst at the beginning of this cycle so I don't know if that is why or maybe we got lucky and it is implantation pain :D  I highly doubt it, but you never know.  We didn't do an IUI this month because we had to pay taxes with the money we thought we were going to have for the I have to call my doc and explain to him why we didn't do it.  But next month we are going to try another cycle, this time hopefully with clomid and follistim.  My weight is still an issue but I'm going to try very hard the next few weeks to get a little off.  With us moving I really want to do another cycle with Dr. Allemand.  I am really going to miss having him as my doc.  I am so worried that another doc won't be as sincere and concerned as he is and the staff at the Montgomery office is.  I HATE MOVING!!!  Damn the military!  Well, I will just have to pray for a good that will keep going the direction of the Doc. of my dreams!

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