Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another month, another negative!

We got a BFN yesterday. I was not all that surprised of the result, but I had truly hoped that it would be positive this time. I get so tired of seeing one line and hearing the words, "I'm sorry but your results were negative. " WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE MY TURN??????? Also in the back of my mind were the psychic predictions.....all three were basically the same, March or April. Well, one was March to May, but I guess I wanted to believe and hope that they would be right and my March-April cycle would be it. Oh, well, I'll move on to the next cycle. Every month gets us closer to the end result. Now I have to get over the hurdle of my weight.

I have lost about 9 of the 30 pounds I need to lose for us to be able to move on to injections. Then we have to decide if we are going to even do them or if we just want to move on to IVF. DH is afraid that if we do injections with IUI that we will end up with a litter instead of one or two babies. He feels better about doing IVF so that we can have "some" kind of control over how many there "may" be. I don't know what I want to do next. I'm willing to go as far as I need to but which step do we take next? I'm so confused and just completely at a loss! I've never been at this point before. After our second failed IUI last time we took a break......which ended up being a year long break. So here I find myself in new territory. And so my journey continues.

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Mindy said...

I'm so sorry about this cycle not returning better results. I know it's going to happen for you though!!

Much Love,