Sunday, April 13, 2008

Video conference

I didn't blog before now because I have had a headache all weekend. AF showed today, with a vengeance! So we are officially on to another cycle. Thursday I called and scheduled our video conference with our RE but they couldn't get us in until April 30th. UGGG!!! However they put us on the cancellation list. In the mean time I called and spoke with the nurses about this cycle and they went ahead and called in a refill for my Femara and progesterone. Then Friday the RE office called and there was a cancellation for Monday. So we go in tomorrow morning at 8:30 for our video conference. Now I have to be honest and tell him that I lost a few more pounds but I have been BAD at exercising the past 3 weeks. I know we will probably be doing the same as last month, Femara, IUI and progesterone. His philosophy is we should be doing something while I'm losing weight, so I know he isn't going to say no, we don't need to do anything this month. Anyway, I really have to buckle down this next month and get some weight off. I'm starting on my nutrisystem again in the that with exercise is going to be my focus for the next couple months. Wish me luck and send any encouragement you can spare my way please!!!!

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barrenbride said...

I always wanted to try nutrisystem. I hope that it works for you. My only advice (which doesn't mean much since I'm overweight too) is to find something you like to do. It really doesn't matter WHAT kind of exercise, just that it's exercise. I found that I loved the eliptical machine and I really loved the fact that I was better at it than my skinny hubby!! I also found that swimming is a whole lot more fun than regular exercise!! LOL I'm all about disguising it as something I actually WANT to do. :)