Tuesday, July 8, 2008

93 degrees is not always the same!

My hubby and I just got home from our vacation in North Dakota with his family. While we were there we experienced some warm days and some cool days......waking up to 50 degree weather and at the most getting up to 93 degrees with most days being in the mid 80's. One day the temp was 93 degrees and the following day the high was 73, it was just WONDERFUL!

In North Dakota, 93 degrees is nothing like what that would feel like here at home in Alabama. I was born and raised in south Alabama, so I should be used to the heat and humidity. Well, I'm here to tell you....after two weeks of literally NO HUMIDITY.....there is not and will never be anything like Alabama in the summer. The 93 degrees we felt in North Dakota was BEAUTIFUL! It was a gorgeous day with a breeze blowing and although the temp was 93, you didn't sweat, AT ALL!!! The day after we came home to Alabama, it was 93 degrees.....it was HUMID, HOT and I WAS SWEATY!!! I want the North Dakota weather back!

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NDtour said...

I love your comments about our North Dakota weather. Would you be willing to blog about your vacation on our website? Here is the link and we look forward to welcoming you back to North Dakota again soon.