Thursday, July 17, 2008

A trend on TLC's Baby shows

So the past two days I've not been feeling the greatest. I have been watching a lot of TV and not just my soap operas that I've gotten back into since being unemployed. Yesterday I found myself watching "Bringing Home Baby", the show on TLC. The couple they were following had TTC for years and after 6 failed artificial inseminations and 4 IVF cycles, they became pregnant. I cried as I watched the show because I know what it is like to want something as much as they wanted their daughter!

THEN today I was watching "A Baby Story" and the couple was pregnant with twins....they already had a 5 year old and 2 year old. As the show progressed the mom starts talking about how she has PCOS and the only way she has ever been able to get pregnant was by taking Clomid....that is how all of the children were conceived. She said that her doc always warned her there was a chance for twins but she never let it worry her. Then with the last pregnancy she conceived twins. They ended up being a boy and girl. Of course I cried during this one too.

After that show went off, "Bringing Home Baby" came on. I ended up watching both shows because they both followed couples dealing with infertility! Go figure! The first couple had a set of twins that were conceived through IVF, but were surprised when the wife got pregnant with no medical assistance with the new baby. That was a wonderful and encouraging story to hear. The second couple has also dealt with years of infertility and then finally conceived through IVF. They brought home beautiful baby girls. I really bawled my eyes out during this one because the wife got emotional talking about how everyone had waited so long for the girls.

I so want to be one of these couples!!!! I pray for the day that my time arrives. Seeing these stories though, especially the one with the lady who has PCOS, truly gives me hope and keeps me looking to the end of this journey. Although, this journey will never really end, because infertility will always be a part of me!


Mindy said...

Well, I typed this whole big thing--and then it deleted it, I think. Ugh.

Just know that it was nice. HAHA.


rykell said...

Hi Natasha,
I cry sometimes when I watch the baby stories on TLC. I wanted to tell you that my thoughts and prayers go out to you. You sound like a wonderful person and Don't give up keep trying. Sometimes I wonder why... Why some couples like you and your husband are having a hard time conceiving when there are women out there that end up pregnant when they are not even trying and don't want the baby. What I am trying to say is that you would love and care for you child knowing he/she would be a gift from God. Please don't give up and keep the faith.