Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Time for Relaxing and Unexpected Blessings

So, I just got back from a 4 day cruise. It was a girls getaway.  I got a lot of alone time with God and lots of time just to relax and not think about all the stresses in my life.  Of course the stresses crept in some...the infertility, the house drama, etc.  But it was a well deserved trip.  Now I am home and life has to resume.  Too much good food on the trip set me back a little on my weight loss so I have to be careful over the next week.  I have a Wedding to do this weekend so I will be busy but hopefully will get my exercise in. 

Today had a Blessing thrown my way...one I wasn't expecting at all.  I have a cousin who is older than me.  She just became a grandmother for the 3rd time.  She told me today that she would be willing to carry and give birth to a child for me, if her doctor would clear her for it.  She still has cycles, she was divorced a few years ago and isn't with anyone right now and feels that this is something she would love to do for us if she is able.  I was totally shocked!  I have had people in the past tell me that they would be willing to carry a child for me but I have never truly believed them, but I know that J is very serious.  I think this is something that I have to seriously consider.  I will be praying about it for sure.  J also said something very interesting today that I have been thinking about.  We have been in the process of buying a house and the deal fell through last week only two days before closing, well, we decided we had enough and we are building a house...well, it was already started.....and we should be able to move in sometime in November.  Anyway, J said, "Maybe God has just been waiting for you to get your nest ready."  Something more to ponder on :D

Much to think about and be thankful for today.  God is so good and I know he has something wonderful planned for us.

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