Friday, February 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday...but on Friday instead

I have been fighting a really bad headache for a couple of weeks now and had intended to post this yesterday.  But since I wasn't home for much of the day and my head was about to explode, I'm going to do it today instead. 

I am so Thankful that I was blessed with a little miracle, even if that miracle is now in Heaven.  So today I give Thanks for my miracle!!!  This week marked six weeks since my Angel baby grew wings.  Most of the books I have read said to put a memory box together of things from the pregnancy and the time of the miscarriage.  Things I DON'T have to put in this box are an ultrasound picture or a picture of me while expecting.  Some of the books also suggested buying something for that pregnancy, something that would be for that child, even though that child isn't with you anymore.  We will also be planting a rose bush soon in memory of the baby.  As far as "naming" the child I lost, I did give my angel a name, Noel.  I chose that name because I miscarried so close to Christmas.  Would I have name this child that if I had carried him or her to term, probably not, but at least I have honored this child with a name.  My DH doesn't know that I have done this...but for me I needed to do it. 

Anyway, I have done what the books suggested.  Here are a few things I do have in my little box of memories from my first pregnancy that gave me my Angel Baby.

A picture of my home pregnancy tests showing the happy news on Dec. 17th.

A picture of the "Thinking of You" flowers from my friend JoAnn and her hubby

This is the Angel Baby Healing Stone that I got from here . I actually won it from their FB page. It is a Miscarriage and Infant Loss Memorial Stone.  I just love it.

Another picture of my Angel Memorial stone. 

This is my Blessing Blanket that I got from here .The blanket is very small, just like the tiny blessing who grew wings. The blanket is the baby's gift to Mommy and Daddy to "hold on to, cry into, cling to.. to remember I am not alone - I am warm and safe and loved.  It comes with a lovely poem. 

Other than the pictures of the items above, I don't have much else to remember this pregnancy by.  I have a couple of cards sent by friends and I copied some of the messages that were sent to me online.  I have my appointment sheet from the clinic for when I should have had my appointments.  And then I have the paperwork from the ER regarding the miscarriage.  All the books say to keep these things, for healing purposes, so that is what I'm going to do.  At least when I feel the need I can take the box out and remember my little blessing. And I can be Thankful for each thing I have to help me remember!

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WiseBursche said...

Oh, I so wish Baby Noel was still there with you.

Noel will always be remembered...

And thank you for the kind words you left on my blog.